Systems Biology & Translational Research (SBTR) is the official journal of the Society for Systems Biology & Translational Research. The journal is published as an online Open Access mode, aimed to provide a galaxy (forum) of articles that covers all the areas of Systems Biology with Translational approach or Translational Research with systems approach. The journal encourages the approaches that involve quantitative studies across the hierarchy of the physiological systems to explain or reveal the pathophysiological dynamics of human diseases and/or its management through precision medicine. However, we appreciate all the approaches including signalling network, noninvasive and large scale data capture technology, applications of machine learning, control engineering and robotics, theoretical, analytical and computational modelling and computational software and/or data platform that are helpful for revealing the complexity of human diseases at systems level and/or its management. The journal also covers hypothetical and different socio-economic issues that regulate the translation and/or implemention of the systems approach towards human health care. Empirical and qualitative research involving human or animal with rich time series data representation or longitudinal studies that reveal complex systems dynamics of (human) diseases, public health and multi-factorial epidemiological research including genetic, occupational, environment, behavioral and life style factors with representation of dynamical pattern, and case studies with long term follow-up are also be within the coverage of this journal.

Journal publishes editorial summaries, research articles, review articles, research news articles, opinion articles and educational articles that would be helpful for Translating Systems Biology. Both the areas of Systems Biology and Translational Research need to have a multi-disciplinary framework and is reflected for its broader audience that may include biomedical scientists, engineers and computer professionals, clinical and health-IT professionals, health care practioners, managers of health care, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries as well as policy-makers of health care and biomedical education.

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