Volume 1, Article ID 1, Pages 1-5

Leukemia is routinely diagnosed by light microscopic images. However, pathologists’ criteria for a disease diagnosis from images are mostly qualitative and empirical in nature. Reports suggest that though leukemia is a cancer of leukocytes; however, there are morphological alterations of red blood cells (RBCs) under the condition of leukemia. This has been evident by in observation of ultra-structural images of RBCs. Recently computational analysis of those ultra-structural images helps in revealing the quantitative understanding of the changes under the condition of leukemia. Light microscopic image analysis may further propel this approach towards clinical feasibility. Hence, development of computational analytical method for light microscopic images would the most suited way for direct application in clinics as the dragged quantitative information may help in an understanding of grading of the disease. Moreover wider application of the method may provide a hint towards the pre-leukemic state and the residual disease in future.

Keywords—cancer cachexia; leukemia; morphology; red blood cells; light microscopic image

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