SSBTR Proceedings:


Systems Biology is a newly developed subject. We are dedicated to develop and disseminate the knowledge, science and working methodology in all areas of Systems Biology and Translational Research.  Recent time different journals are coming up in these areas. Due due to rise of the trend for free dissemination of knowledge, open access mode has got priority. In the open access mode, authors bear the cost of publication. However, bearing the publication cost of articles become a burden by the researchers from developing and low income countries. Hence a lot of researchers from developing and low income countries are unable to bear the publication cost. Moreover, due to enormous research cost in the area of Systems Biology in comparison to conventional disciplines, clinical translational of the knowledge of Systems Biology is being neglected by the scientific community. Most of the established journals do not accept articles without validation of research and the rational basis is neglected. This may be the another reason for reluctance to the subject. This may be the reason for the development of the subject in the developed countries only.